Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Packing Death

Well, today is the day....Mick and I go under the needle at midday. And I am seriously concerned....I know it's not pleasant, but I can cope. I know that by tonight I'll be so smug I'll be unbearable. I also know that if I have even one mildly freaky moment, Mick will NEVER let me live it down. EVER. For the rest of my natural life, every conversation we have will contain the phrase "remember when we got those tatts and you completely lost it"
I'd donate a kidney to see the shoe on the other foot, but unfortunately Mick has absolutely no pain receptors. I think it's the combination of army life and being a Manly supporter that has somehow shut off his ability to register pain. (understandable if you've ever watched Manly play). So, I have prepared myself as best I can...I have Twilight on audio book on my MP3, I have a bag of Chupa chups and I have my pride.....hope it's enough.

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