Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things to do....

This week I am going to haul my sorry ass back to the gym....I haven't been in almost 3 weeks, partly due to laziness and partly because of a chest infection that has taken forever to shift. So, starting tomorrow, I am making a concerted effort to go every morning, although I will have to moderate my program a bit 'cos I'm still not where I should be in the breathing department. I want to concentrate on maintaining my weight and shape pretty much where I am ATM, although I wouldn't mind toning up the rear of my front....which means taking on the stair climber - hate that machine!!!. I'm hoping that if I get into it this week, the pain factor will have dissipated by the time I get my tattoo done, so that I can still manage a basic routine while I'm healing!! I really don't have a lot of goals fitness wise....I'd like to stay under 50kg, and I'd like to regain the level of cardio fitness I was at before I got sick, although that may take a while. Mostly I want to be as fit as I can be without getting obsessive....I find myself thinking about my general health a lot more since I turned 40, and I would like to think that I can hopefully maintain my current fitness till I hit 50, or keel over on the treadmill... which ever comes first.

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