Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forward Planning/ Bush Week

I know it's January, I know we're still technically "post Christmas" and I don't care....we have finally sewn up our Easter plans and I'm officially counting the days!!! We were hoping to go to Rainbow Beach, but were unable to secure the booking we were after :( so we are heading South instead, over the border to Wooyung on the NSW Coast. It's right on the beach, old-style camping instead of the concrete slab/ movie night/ prison camp routine that so many places go for. We've reserved a fire drum for the evenings, and the boys are planning to sleep under the stars, weather permitting. Although my first choice for Easter would have been a return to the NFF in Canberra, I figure it's only fair to do year about, so the boys get their camping trip this time. After all the Christmas hype, soon to be followed by the whole "back to school" mess, I'll be in serious need of a little down time by Easter, so I'm really hoping that this place does the trick.
Zen by the it!!

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Renee Dowling said...

I have left you something on my blog
Luv Reneexx


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