Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where the REAL men are......

Over the past few weeks, I have been catching up with some of the other men in my life so I thought I'd do the polite thing and introduce you.

This is Hugh....isn't he fabulous??? He lives in Dorset, growing organic vegies and raising pigs and chickens. He has a cooking show called Escape to River Cottage, and I gotta say, sometimes it sounds mighty good to me. I mean, apart from the whole rural bliss deal, the man can seriously cook....Sebi is also a big fan and the two of us regularly hole up in my room watching Hugh fearlessly stalk organic snails while we drool over the foxtel box.

As a card carrying Mistress of Disaster and enforcer of Murphy's Law, I have never felt the need to watch wholesale death and destruction a-la 007 because I can get my fill live and commercial free at Casa Hartwell. However, Bond does have one major redeeming feature...

Q is definately on my must have list. The man is seriously under appreciated. I mean think about it.... James Bond boogies around the world blowing up everything that doesn't move, sleeps with some VERY dodgy women, and gets all the credit at the end. I'd love to see how far he'd get without his helicopter-in-a-suitcase or his radioactive lint. Plus, there are some definate advantages to a man who can install knockout darts in a walking stick (or a lollipop sign, perhaps....hmmmm). He's the thinking woman's Macgyver, with better brains, personality and looks.
If anyone else out there has some contenders, shout out....I'll post some more of my top picks later. xox

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Scrapsister said...

Hmmm I'm a bit partial to a bit of Gordon Ramsey at the moment. Also am worryingly drawn to Colin and Justin from those UK renovating shows. I think it's their fashion sense or maybe the bitchy, narky way they talk to each other. Just like a marriage really....


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