Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gettin' real

Ok, saw this one on Kerryn's blog and it totally follows my antiperfect philosophy so I'm gonna run with it. The idea is to tell the whole story instead of sanitising your life for the benefit of your adoring public, lol. The only major problem is going to be listing my cock-ups....chronologically or alphabetically. Hmmmm.

Well, for today let's start with.....

getting manky with the kids 'cos I didn't want to work this morning.
forgetting to find out what time the parent teacher thing is tonite.
forgetting to freeze the water bottles for Tae kwon do
forgetting to wash Kit's sports uniform
do we see a pattern here?? early onset alzheimers, perhaps??
where was I???
vacuuming my loungeroom 'cos someone was coming over....very non-antiperfect, and I HATE myself for doing it....that's the nanna in me coming out.
Ok that's enough self loathing for one day.....
On a completely different and way more bizarre note, I spent an hour talking to a journalist from the Courier Mail who rang me and wanted me to be the ordinary person they talk to each week in the weekend magazine. She said they wanted a scrapbooker (ok, with you so far) and that she'd read my blog (okaay.....) and that she thought I was what they wanted. (I know....I don't get it either). But she came over (hence the vacuuming....bad girl, bad girl) and looked at my stuff and asked me about work (which I probably will have much less of after the things I said....) and my kids (no biggie...they think I'm mental anyway) and other stuff. I really don't get it, although I have read other peoples stuff and it is kinda cool learning something about someone else, but the idea of anyone being remotely interested in my daily doings kinda boggles the mind. Meh, what would I know???


lusi said...

Hey girl :)
thanks for joining in and for being so real about yourself. It helps others to know that our lives aren't perfect and i think it helps stop the cycle of us all having to feel like we should pretend they are :)
And i don't even see it as self loathing but more self-freeing i reckon :)
Love to you and hope you continue to join in!
Lus x

Scrapsister said...

That is unreal Kjirsten...how completely bizarre though LOL. Can't wait to see how she actually found you...she made a brilliant choice. You are funny, real and a great Mum....the perfect everywoman ;)


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