Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gettin' Real

OK, so here we are....time for my weekly dose of honesty.

Had Kit's IEP meeting and I hated every second of it...I'm REALLY not into in depth scrutiny of my son's shortcomings. Plus, his major area of "needs work" is NOT my strong point. AT ALL. So, fun and games coming this way soon....BLEEEAUGH.

Sebi has an appointment at the neuro-sciences clinic on Monday. Did I mention my REALLY deep aversion to hospitals??? Thought so. GROSS.

I'm working and hating it. Every second. I spend my shifts scanning the road for the direction of the next attack. REALLY SUCKISH!!

Ok, now the goodies.

Steffy brought me donuts XOXOXOXOX

Finally got to use the massage voucher I got for my last birthday, and it was FABULOUS....Mary, Rach and Steffy, you guys rock!!!

I haven't resigned from work, and I won't....I won't.....I WON'T !!!!

My kids rock. IEP's, Neuroscience Clinic, bad days, worse nights. I DON'T CARE!!!
They are worth it....every second of every minute of every day of my life.

1 comment:

lusi said...

Thanks again for sharing the real parts about your life; the good and the hard bits too!
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)
Lusi x


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