Friday, January 7, 2011

A simulated tragedy.

Hansel is dead.  Tragically barbequed in his own kitchen due to my reluctance to teach him how to cook.  The fact that I forgot to install smoke detectors and a phone in the house probably didn't help either.  It's not easy running the universe.  I can see why that dude in charge of The Trueman Show eventually lost control of the whole's easy to do.  Gretel is heartbroken.  It's hard being a widow.  It's especially hard being the Widow Dogbiscuit, because for some reason Hansel's mortal remains are sitting in the middle of the lougeroom and I can't move them.  They're in a smart silver urn, which could easily be mistaken for a bowling trophy, except that Gretel has this compulsive urge to weep over it every time she walks past.   Which is putting a serious kink in her social life, because Mortimer from the swanky house on the hill has been a regular visitor up until the aformentioned tragic event, and he's not big on overt displays of grief.  Neither is he big on tact.....his solution is to tell Gretel a dirty joke and then try and get her to join him for a few laps in the hot tub.  Nasty little germ.  Maybe I should arrange for a lasagne related incident in his kitchen.    Bwahhahaha......I think I'm power hungry.   Today, Sim City....tomorrow, the world!!!!!

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Oh how I love Sim world! Can't go there until my Uni assignments are finished. Four more for the semester and then maybe a few weeks of Sims!!! So jealous, Christine Feehan Dark series and Sims, that is too much joy Kjirsten :)


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