Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mama Time....

Today I am treating myself to a couple of hours of A grade Mama time.  Firstborn is going bowling with his girlfriend and a couple of mates and has generously offered to take Second son along with them, leaving me alone for the afternoon!!!   Top of my list is a complete overhaul of HBC which is looking more like "Wedding Central Bombsite" atm....I've got to stash all my wedding stuff to one side so that I can at least make  a start on editing the photos from last Sunday's shoot.  I really need a bigger room.....or maybe an editing suite.....or a scrap house....sigh.    However, just being able to find my desk and actually view both monitors without moving stacks of paper, invitation templates, order forms and material swatches will be a reasonable start.  And I'm nothing if not reasonable.....

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