Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reading 9-15th January

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Sunday and time for an update on my progress.  Well, I got through 6 of my Carpathian novels in between shopping and gaming and all the other holiday stuff my boys insist on, so I'm pretty happy with that.  Joined a couple of reading challenges just to help keep me on track.  You can see where I'm up to on my sidebar.   FF downloaded the latest Carpathian novel onto my Kindle, so after looking out my window, I'm thinking a quiet Sunday afternoon with a glass of red could be the plan.  Sometimes rain is just what the doctor ordered.  
Other things.....finally finished my centrepieces, as well as two long boughs for the main table, and they're looking fairly sensational, so that's one more thing off my list.  Also managed to finish up with a few more details so things are moderately well under control ATM.  
The tribe are knee deep in all things microchipped, which makes for a reasonable peaceful house which totally works for me.
The optus fairy dropped off my new modem, so now my internet has an olympic calibre pedigree, gotta love it!!
I finished my laundry!!!  All of it!!!  Bow down to my overwhelming sense of achievement!!!
and now, back to your regularly sceduled programming.....

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Well I'm still jealous, 6 Dark's in one week! I finished the 2nd Drake Sisters one and am now reading a nice and trashy Scottish highlander historical romance! Have a great week!


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