Monday, January 17, 2011

Revving up

for the new school I'm carless today, uniform shopping has had to be postponed for later in the week.  Firstborn needs new everything after another monster growth spurt over the holidays.  I managed to get over two years out of his last set of uniforms, so can't really complain.  Heehee, the funniest bit is his knee socks which barely reach mid calf on him now....all his height is in his legs.   Second son, fortunately is OK for uniforms, thanks to Firstborn handing down a stack of primary uni's in good nick.  The books are bought (but not covered yet....bleagh) the laptops are charging and Second son has been granted the highest of growing up priveledges.....a house key and his brother's old mobile phone (for emergencies only!!!!)   Neither boy will submit to a hair cut,  and nobody at either school has sent me an ultimatum so Firstborn  looks like Hairy Maclairy and Second Son is one good combing away from joining the Jamaican bobsled team.   I choose not to sweat the small stuff. 

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Your story could have been mine except Mansfield changed their sports shirt and Kenzie wants one. I told him only one though when he has only one year left of primary school and I don't want to waste all that money on new shirts when he has a dozen of the older ones and they are still allowed to wear them. Have fun! Please not the shortage on wooden lead pencils, Kenzie needs 12 and Woolworths had none!


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