Saturday, January 1, 2011

I promise

....not to make any promises I have no chance of keeping.  It's depressing, and I won't do it. 
I feel better already.   Today found me waking late (and loving it) followed by some wedding-ish work on my centrepieces, and putting the finishing touches on my boots.
I picked these up at a discount shoe shop a couple of weeks back, after much fruitless interwebbing in search of the perfect midwinter handfasting footwear.

They were originally a very Daisy Duke denim, but several bleach brushes, a coat of cream paint and some stamping has turned them into the ultimate in pixie chic.  Functional and funky.  Love it!!

Second Son turns 11 tomorrow.  We're going shopping so he can spend his Christmas money and cash in his Borders vouchers, followed by dinner at Sizzler.  He has no idea what he's getting, with guesses ranging from motorbike to ipod to lego.  I'll leave you in suspense until tomorrow.

1 comment:

s'me said...

How beautiful they are. Rich and I would have been handfasted at the Spring Equinox last year, but obviously he never made it that far.

They are glorious though, and I wish you every blessing.


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