Monday, November 1, 2010

I told you....

I was sick. So there.  Directed at my beloved FF for trying to cure an ulcerated throat with vodka over the weekend.  Not that I didn't enjoy the experience.  I just knew it was doomed to fail.  So after ignoring my throat for three days and drowning it in Absolut on Saturday night,  I threw in the towel this morning and went to the doctor.   Who told me I had pharyngitis (??) and an ulcerated throat and why didn't I come in earlier.  (Cos I was feeling no pain, hic!!)  I was kind of expecting to catch something always happens any time  I agree to fly anywhere for work.  As soon as the Eticket arrives in my inbox, I start germing.   So, I got some heavy duty penicillin, some absolutely vile gargley stuff (shudder) and some tablets for my ears on the plane which I had to show my drivers license to purchase.  Seriously people, who wants to feel this bad for fun??   Bleagh.

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