Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the road again / Toilet tiggy and tooth tattoos.

This week sees me taking off to Sydney for the Penrith show, leaving FF in charge of all things domestic (God help us).   Once again, the offer of a few days work (and a change of scene) has come at the perfect moment.  After the last three days with Firstborn and Second Son, the idea of leaving on a jet plane does not exactly fill me with pangs of guilt (hee hee bad mama!!) and the money will come in handy for the Handfest, especially since I'm hoping to find a suitable dress at some stage.  I'm leaving Thursday and will be back sometime lateish on Sunday.
Friday was dental appointment day with both boys.  Second Son will need braces sometime in the next 18 months, which we were pretty much expecting so no great surprises there.  Firstborn has two small cavities that he's getting filled on Tuesday, and a strongly worded warning from the dentist to stop eating his pens.  He had two lines dead centre on his canine teeth and neither of us could work out what the hell they were, until they were examined under a strong light and found to be ink, from the pens he constantly chews on.  I'm triyng to wean him on to something less toxic like drill bits or galvanised nails.  Sigh.
Dentisting on Friday also gave Second son the opportunity to miss two lunch hours in the Principals office for playing (wait for it) Toilet Tiggy.  Seriously.  If they had nowhere else to play, they'd be sueing the Education department.   I really don't get boys.  At All.  Anyway, himself is in for a shock, cos the punishment is retroactive, so he's gonna have a long, dull Monday.  And hopefully an upgrade in his playground choices.  Dream on, mama.

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