Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As you may or may not know, apart from holding the title of Supreme Commander of Planet Hartwell, I also have several alter-egos,  may fave amongst them being Ladypop, Guardian of the Crossing.
Ladypop is easily recognised by her very loud costume, including her Car Repellant Wonder Vest and her Incredible Traffic Halting Sceptre of Power  (that's a stop sign, for those of you who don't do hero-speak).  Ladypop spends her days defending Colwyn Street from the evil infiltrations of the Prado Squad and their minions of doom.  (and I make sure the kids cross the road safely, too).
As a general rule, I love my job.  Over the years, I've been given fan mail, a theme song and many dandelions, courtesy of the kids who use the crossing on a daily basis.  But I will admit to having some absolute faves amongst my little travellers.   They're the Siblings.  The little brothers and sisters who walk to the gate every day  with their parents/grandparents to collect older brothers and sisters.  Seriously cute enough to melt your heart and loosen your fillings.   I get to hear about Kindy and trips to the park and visits from the Tooth Fairy.  I get shown an enormous variety of scrapes and bruises and Disney-themed bandaids.  And we share a mutual love of these

which I am known to keep a supply of in case of emergencies.  You know....bumps, bruises, sore haircuts.... (heehee, I'm a total soft touch)
Well today one of my little Sibling Specials presented me with a sack full of these little goodies for me to "share with all your kids".   Bless her, her Mama found them on special and donated them to my crossing fund.    Little Miss R, you're a total sweetie. xox

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