Friday, October 15, 2010

Return of Fatal Friday/ I only do it in the rain.

Once again, Fatal Friday has reared its ugly little head and bitten me in the ass.   I'm totally not a big fan of the end of the week at the best of times, as every hour past midday on Friday automatically drops the average drivers IQ by 20 points.  Using my failsafe "Oh-shit-back-up-kids-he's-not-gonna-stop"  method, this puts the average pick-up-parent in the same brain tank as a tub of coleslaw.  Add rain to this, and you are guaranteed the NDE (near death experience) you never wanted to have.  And to all those people who think a short sharp shock is good for your system, I invite you to join me for the next round.  Same place, same time.  Wear clean underwear.  Just in case, y'know.

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