Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shoot me now.

Having one of those weeks and God help me it's only Tuesday.   Firstborn is dealing with issues that I'm not going into here because they don't concern anyone else.  He's not in trouble, not sick, just dealing with stuff that makes you glad you're  not a teenager any more.  So we're having some Emo time on the home front, which has cast a black cloud of Addams Familyesque proportions over the house.  Even with the lights on.  Second son has decided that he's had enough education for 2010.  Unfortunately as there are 10 weeks left in the school calendar, it's not really his call.  Which is making for some seriously short tempered mornings @ Casa Hartwell.  To add insult to injury, his Kobo decided to call it quits this morning without warning, leaving him "bookless" (his word) and obviously unable to attend school.  I gave him directions to the library.  He was not impressed.  I hauled my ass up to Garden City and had a meltdown at Borders  and was able to get his Kobo replaced, and since they've actually come down in price, they threw in a cover/holder thingy,  which means I get my cricut toolkit case back.  So not all bad.  Just mostly.  The mother of all mothers is now castless, but is sporting the latest in black plastic-and-velcro foot boots.  And still isn't allowed to do any weightbearing for the forseeable future.  So the home nursing goes on....and on.
My house looks like a bomb hit it, my laundry has taken over the garage and Bandit had a pepsi in the park this morning, and forgot how to walk so I had to carry him home.  Do-over please......

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