Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Heinemann Conspiracy.

How many totally new words  have you added to the English language this week??  I'm talking completely new words,  not words that you haven't heard of before.   New Words.  Speaking for myself, I can truthfully say "none".  Not just this week, but EVER.  In forty coughsomething years of life, I have never managed to add  a single new word to my native language.  Nor has anyone I know.  Nor has anyone on Facebook.  (I asked them....all of them).  So, bearing that in mind, can somebody please explain why I need to spend upwards of $30 on the 7th edition of the Heinemann Dictionary for Second Son to use next year??   On the book list it specifically states that the older edition is not suitable.  Perhaps we've retired some words??  Have you noticed any unexplained gaps in your conversations recently, where a specific word used to fit??  Me neither.  All I know is, when I grow up I wanna be a Heinemann.  Words, people.....that's where the money is.

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