Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrapped Out/Ghost Train.

Back from Sydney and busy decaffienating after a flat out 4 days.  As usual had a blast, drank far too much coffee and bought things that I probably could have lived without.   Including the embossing tool for my Pazzles (yay!!).  As a result of spending far too much time handling large quantities of paper, I have developed what can only be described as Scrapbookers Leprosy, which I hope will clear up before I lose a digit.   Caught the train from Penrith to Mascot after pack down, and spent a very freaky hour trying not to listen to some guy with WAY too much time on his hands (and a serious interest in all thing nasty and criminal) decribe all the horrifying things that happened at various locations close to all the train stations.  Seriously...."This is where those guys kidnapped that nurse and killed her"   "This is where the train crashed into the bridge and all those people got crushed and died"  "This is where that guy shot a whole bunch of people at that shopping centre."    Not the slightest bit entertaining, OK???   Pair that with the fact that I spent the flight home waiting for the engine to fall off the plane, and it's not surprising that the bags under my eyes were down to my knees by this morning.  Yeesh. 

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