Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Close to home.

On a street corner two minutes walk from where I sit in my house stands a mannequin dressed in dark trousers and a white crop top.   She's supposed to look like a teenage girl who was found dead in a nearby house four years ago.  Police have reopened the case after new information was found.   There are signs on the street corner that read  "Can you help?".   I can't.  To be one hundred percent honest, I don't even remember hearing  anything about it four years ago.   You'd think something that close to home would leave an impression.  According to reports she was seen "in a distressed state"  close to where her body was later found.  If she was so distressed, why didn't anyone stop and help?  Maybe they tried, and she told them she was OK.  But she wasn't.  Otherwise her plastic look-alike wouldn't be standing by the corner asking for help.....and waiting for answers.

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