Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Afternoon.

My house is very quiet. Second son is spending the night at a mates place, so left earlier this morning complete with pj's, toothbrush and's essentials, lol. He'll be back tomorrow morning sometime unless he freaks out this evening and we have to go pick him up. It's an even money bet at this stage. Firstborn is still in mid-assignment....after argueing with me for several hours yesterday, he has decided that life really isn't worth living once your mother takes away everything except your breathing priveledges, so today he's been head down and hard at it most of the day. I knew he'd come round to my way of thinking. I'm making serious progress on my quilt.....I'm so tempted to change design midway and make each of the boys a single sided patchwork instead of the monster double sided insanity that I thought was such a good idea six months ago. I will finish it as planned, although the idea of stitching up seven million denim squares has me less than thrilled.
The Quilt That Ate The World!!!

Today also saw me donning a HAZMAT suit and sorting out HBC so that I had room to sew. With the cold weather, I had my sewing table moved from the garage into the bedroom, but it wasn't a great success due to the fact that every time I spread the quilt out, Gryffindor lay on it and bit me when I tried to move him. I tried sticking pins in his tail, but that cat is stubborn. And has mild-to-moderate mental health issues too. So, I've relocated to HBC where I have reverse cycle air con and control of the music. Works for me!!

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