Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mamafest 2010 !!!

Just when you thought the school year was gonna last for ever.....

I have been saved from the mid-year mankies!!! Jetstar are having a two for one sale, so Melissa and I picked up really really cheap return fares to Sydney. So come July 29th we'll be heading off for four nights of uninterrupted sleep and power shopping @ Paddy's Markets, sans husbands and kids, a-la Thelma and Louise, without Brad Pitt in a cowboy hat. This'll be my first time away from the tribe in almost 4 years, so I kinda feel like I'm due a bit of a break. I'll miss them, I'll think about them, and I'll be glad to see them when I get back, but the idea of a few days of totally doing my own thing was too good to pass up. I think I'll be Thelma....I totally rock a headscarf and sunnies.

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Scrapsister said...

Try here -
Alwyas have listings on at around $85 a night.
Or here -
They are at Darling Harbour. Stayed there a while back and not bad.


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