Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Weekend

Labor Day, so we decided some sort of effort was in order. As opposed to staying in bed till 2pm which was my original plan. So we headed out to the Bellingham Hedge Maze for some brain strain.

I am lost. Don't let the calm demeanor fool you.

He is also lost, but just won't admit it.

They are not only lost, but cheating, by climbing over a supposedly unclimable fence.

He thinks he's found his way out. Hah!! He may look like me, but his sense of direction comes from his father's side.
Since I'm sitting here typing, it's fairly clear that we did eventually find out way out, no thanks to the tribe who are ridiculously macho about directions. I seriously think FF would have taken a chainsaw to the hedges rather than ask for help. And his minions are just as bad. Just as well my caffeine withdrawal kicked in and I was able to follow the java to the cafe, or we'd be sleeping under the stars. "Family of Four Saved by Large Espresso". You wouldn't read about it.

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