Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Month....

And so it begins.....Mother's Month, the chance for me to get my car cleaned and request as many cups of tea as I like. As far as high maintenance goes, I'm probably mid range on the scale....there are a few things that I'm dying for, but not really expecting, a few things that I'd love and have a reasonable chance of getting, and the things on my "yearly list" that I always get. My yearly list always includes the following:
Cleaning my car, inside and out.
A voucher for as many cuppas as I can drink for the duration of Mothers month.
The right to appropriate the remote for my own veiwing choices at any time.
The enforced compliance of the tribe of three for a photo shoot.
Control of the music in the Cookie Monster.
Chinese take away at least twice during the month.
These things are all good, and the little extras that tend to come with them are even these.....

which came with my cuppa yesterday, courtesy of the Tribe of Three and Mrs Fields @ Carindale. Oh yeah.....who's your mama??

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