Monday, April 26, 2010

Through the looking glass/Behind the washing machine

And you thought Alice had problems. Second son just came down to show me the little rubber bouncy ball he found on top of my fridge. I'm not a big fan of the top of my fridge, 'cos you could seriously lose an arm ferreting through the layers of very important stuff that gathers there, waiting to be dealt with. Archaeology for the new millenium. Second son, however has no such issues. He loves it up there. If he suddenly decides he's really really bored, there's nothing like a dig through the top of the fridge to find something that you thought was lost forever, or even better that you didn't know you had in the first place. Hence the excitement over the little rubber bouncy ball. Which was all good until it was followed by the inevitable "hey mum, check this out" . The one phrase guaranteed to make me cringe. The only sentence I fear more at this stage of my life would come from my Gynaecologist and start with "congratulations" *shudder*. So, I'm checking out and he throws the ball and it disappears behind the washing machine. Standard practice, so far. My kids are not known for their athletic ability. The next bit kinda floored me, though.....I live with the tribe of three. All men....large, medium and small. (second son being the small one). Their whole purpose on this planet is to shift heavy things. Like washing machines. So I will admit to being just a tad surprised when second son zapped me with his patented "aren't you going to do something" look. So I did. Do something. I called FF. And I took photos.

I see a distinct family resemblance. The other photos can't be published in case someone lipreads what FF said after second son managed to throw the ball behind the fridge three seconds after it was rescued from the washing machine. The recovery mission continues.

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