Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fat Computer/Cookie Monster

I am so in demand at the moment. In the last three days I've had everything from Russian barbie dolls offering me marriage and everything that goes with it to personal messages from Niam, Queen of the fairies, who is waiting with bated breath in her ivory fortress for me to come and rescue her. I hate it when my computer gets sick. Although I could really see myself going with the 'rock hard abs in 3 days' deal that I was offered earlier today. Ahh, vanity, thy name is Krjsteien, which is apparantly how my name is spelt in Internet Cookie Speak. Sigh. Time to reformatt and put my fat PC on a cookie-free diet. It kinda bites that I'm gonna miss my chance to make millions from "Horny Housewives Adult Entertainment From Your Home" but those are the sacrifices you make. Although if I wait another five minutes I bet there'll be an even better offer up for grabs. God bless free enterprise.

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