Friday, April 9, 2010

procrastination in all it's colours.....

Today I have locked myself and Scott Joplin inside Heaving Brothel Central and we're not coming out until I can see the floor and possibly the pile of photos I was working on last night. HBC is definately living up to its name ATM, I have seriously got piles of stuff on every possible surface, and my "put-it-there-until-you-get-a-minute-to-finish-it" filing system has grown tentacles and is even now trying to take over the universe. And the fact that my attention span is shrinking by the hour is so not helping.....I'm like Danny Devito in that movie "I'm a bad person, I'm a terrible, awful....hey, cows!!" Except with me it's more like, "I'm filing, I'm sorting.... hey, email!!" I need an intervention. Or a maid. Or 2000 volts running through my keyboard so that every time I'm tempted to stop cleaning and hide in cyberspace, I get a short sharp reminder of how this place ended up on the HAZMAT top ten in the first place. She says while typing instead of cleaning....God, I really am a lost cause!! I wonder if Clean House have a branch office??

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