Monday, April 5, 2010

Spontaneous regeneration/ Take a number, sister.

Is that what it's called when your appendix decides to grow back and give you hell 20 years after you had it removed ?? Ok, maybe it's not my appendix, but something between my ribs and my rump is giving me A grade toothache and I'm pretty much at the medicate-with-vodka stage now, which is not going to be a huge hit tomorrow morning, although right now I'm nicely anesthetised. And moderately hammered too, heehee. I hate feeling crook...normally I try to run off any aches but I'd have a job crawling to the driveway ATM. PLus, there's nothing to watch on TV.....fifty different channels and complete crap on every one. In despair I ended up watching Big Love, which is about Polygamists in Utah, and is pretty easy to get wrapped up in once you get past all the sister wives swapping nights and leaving post-it's directing Bill Paxton to the appropriate bed, lol. I don't know how he manages any sleep at all between the perfect housewife/zen mother, the compulsive shopper/daughter of the prophet and the big busted former babysitter. Boggles the mind. No wonder he's popping Viagra like they're tic tacs. Although I can totally see some advantages to having several husbands.....if I had a few in reserve, maybe the lawn would finally get mown. Nah... they'd probably all be in the lounge watching football. So we'll call that one vote for monogamy, and a reminder to leave FF a post it note about the mowing. I feel better already.

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