Friday, April 16, 2010


again, so I can take a few deep breaths and chill before the whole school thing winds up again on Monday. Seb has been a little out of whack this week, probably due to a combination of Easter Holidays and my sister and her family camping in our driveway for a fortnight. It doesn't take much to throw him off, and he was showing signs of returning to Earth by yesterday afternoon. He managed a B+ for his Indigenous Australians project, which he was mighty pleased with. He's finally starting to show a little more interest in schoolwork and grades, rather than just doing the bare minimum required, so I'm hoping with a few months of concentrated effort from him and me, we can get him into a decent school/home routine that'll work for us both. Kit is powering ATM....his interim report card arrived today, and it's all good....straight A's in music, which I fully expected, B's in English(!!) and Multimedia, and C's in Math and Historical Studies. All passing grades, with no missing assignments or incomplete homework. All done with absolutely no input from me. He's finally doing it all himself, from the organisiation/dates/planning to the writing/drafts and getting the completed work in on time. Brag on, Mama!! This weekend we are out and about with birthday celebrations for Marcus and Ingrid, plus some more editing work that needs to be finished as well as the finishing touches on my latest commissioned album. After that, I'm hoping to get to work on my quilt before winter gets any closer. My (ex) boss rang me today to see how things were going, and to let me know that if I wanted a couple of days regular work, to come back and see her. I am standing firm. No work for the forseeable future...Seb has to come first. And if the bank takes the house, we'll camp under my quilt, if I ever get it finished....god knows it'll be big enough.

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