Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More random weird.

In today's episode of Random Weird, our heroine gets a facebook message from a uni student wishing to interview her as part of a journalism project. She is apparently looking for "a range of perspectives" which I think means a lot of different people's opinions on things. I don't think I really have that many opinions, but I do have a seriously intriguing (spellcheck please) package from Korea in my lounge room which I know is part of my Mother's Month haul, since I am forbidden to approach it. I'm hoping for either a wicked funky piece of jewellery which I highlighted and stuck pictures of on the fridge and made frequent very subtle (wow, I really want THAT) references to for several weeks, OR an equally funky WW2 leather pilot's hat complete with goggles a-la Amelia Earhart (spellcheck again) which I fell in love with after Miss Marple wore one on her way to the Majestic Hotel. No, I will not explain, you'll have to watch the movie. I also measured my quilt after buying the wadding from Spotlight 'cos it was 20% off. I probably should have measured it before I bought the wadding, because the whole 20% deal got me terribly excited, resulting in enough wadding to make a quilt large enough to house a family of Bedhouins (spellcheck yet again.....I think I'm catching illiteracy.) So in order not to waste my bargain purchase, I am now in need of about 3000 more squares than I originally anticipated, which makes the deadline for finishing the damn thing somewhere late in the twenty-tweens. Nothing like a long term goal, peeps.

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