Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wanna see......

February 6th 2010
what you get when you pose 40-odd Lutherans and climb up a step ladder??

Tah dah!! Today was picture day for the St Marks Anniversary Book, which is why I was arranging Lutherans in rows and climbing ladders.
And yes, the empty chair is there for a reason.....I have to photoshop myself in there when I edit. I can do many things, but up a ladder and front row centre simultaneously are not two of them. The shoot actually went really well, considering there were well over 100 people from different decades of church attendance, so there was quite a bit of
"1990's people front and centre please" going on. I also managed to FINISH editing the wedding photos I took a couple of weeks back, and I'm really happy with the results....

and so is the bride, which is kinds the point. Love it when a plan comes together, lol.

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