Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bedroom Blogger

Out of the gutter, dirty minded individuals.....I finally remembered why I bought my laptop in the first place. Bedroom blogging....the ultimate in decadent post 2000 laziness. Chirping my little thoughts from under the doona, there's nothing like it. Unlimited rambling, as long as my internet holds out. And rambling is about as good as it gets ATM, since I'm still jonesing on caffeine to help me through till Friday. Which kinda adds a surreal flavour to life a-la Hartwell, although this week things are plenty bizarre without any additional help. #1 son announced that he's going to develop his "psychic antenna" with the help of a mate of his who can read peoples auras. Yep. The fact that said mate has recently moved to Sydney and they are communicating by email instead of reading each others thoughts shows how much developing his antenna are in need of, but hey, it keeps him off the streets. Second Son, on the other hand is happily ensconced in the real world, driving me insane by degrees, courtesy of "the Glock". Which is not a gun (unfortunately) but a glockenspiel, the musical instrument voted most likely to be run over by a Tarago after 'accidentally' being wedged under the back tires by a parent unhinged from listening to a battalion of Tinkerbells in attack mode. Oh yeah. Can you see my aura yet?? And it's only Tuesday.

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