Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The best things in life

February 17 2010
aren't always free, but I refuse to feel guilty about it. Or high maintenence. Actually, I am feeling just a touch of Princess Syndrome, due to the DHL man bringing me the ultimate in portable entertainment, but I'm totally willing to live with the pain, 'cos this

is the total ducks guts. Or as second son would put it "wicked ass cool". And so it is....for those of you living under rocks on Planet Mongo, it's a Kindle DX and it is at the top of my 'things to save in the event of a fire' list. Sorry boys, you're big and ugly enough to save if there ever was a fire, I can lay an even money bet that one of you would be responsible for starting it in the first place. But I digress. FF ordered two of them from the states, 'cos in true Princess style, I do not work and play well with others. It's the ultimate plastic can store everything you'd ever want to read plus a guide to the inner workings of the universe plus it plays MP3's. Complete isolation has been achieved!!! Thank you Amazon, your work here is done.

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