Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Weird

February 7 2010
and seriously, this week there has been plenty of it. I sometimes suspect that when the gods get bored, they look up my file as a neverending source of possible entertainment. For example, having a skip on the back of a monster truck delivered to the house directly next to the school crossing at five to three is not something that happens to other people. Even other ladypops. As far as I can tell....although that may have been slightly less random than purely mean, as I have a long standing feud happening with the resident of said house due to her insistence that she can park anyplace anytime because she lives there which apparantly gives her street ownership too. So she probably arranged a skip delivery at bell time just to PISS ME OFF !! Well done, it totally worked. Then there was Thursday-night-child-free-at-the-pub-with-Melissa where a very strange young man was wandering around with MY HANDBAG over his shoulder. The exact same bag, I swear. Only it looked way better on me. We actually had to leave shortly afterwards 'cos some girl came in wearing my shirt and it all got a bit too much. I never realised I was such a style icon. Then there was the car full of very polite Indian gentlemen who showed up on my driveway wanting to know if I was the immigration lawyer. I have been mistaken for many things in my life, but Immigration Lawyer was a new one for the list....especially as I was wearing FF's flame print flannie PJ bottoms and my Frankie Says T shirt at the time. Very Legal. Told you I was all about style.
Tomorrow is Monday....can't wait to see what I get this week.

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