Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pack Mentality/ The same kind of different.

Number One Son informed me yesterday that he's going to the local shopping centre with his mates on Saturday to hang out "till we get bored". Remember when that was the height of cool?? You and half a dozen mates wandering aimlessly through the shops with money in your pocket and no parents on the horizon. Sigh. Sometimes I look at him and think "OMG what happened to my baby". Most of the time I look at him and say "What happened to the $20 I gave you last week??" Hmmmm. I'm happy to let him go, though.....after so many years of doing it on his own and having Aspergers label him as being "different" through no fault of his own, Number One has finally found his place....with his mates. Who are all a bit different. And that's OK. Like calls to like, and there's nothing better than hanging out with the same kind of different. Especially if Mum ponies up the cash.

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