Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The downside of the upside....

Today I am wacked. Probably becuase I came home from the early shift and totally tanked for 4 hours which I try not to do because I feel so bad when I eventually regain conciousness. PLus, I've had both boys off school on different days with the same bug which hasn't really helped. It's amazing how quickly you can go from "OMG this job is saving my life" to "OMG I'm so tired, bitch moan whinge....." Which I seriously don't want to far as jobs go, it's great. I can still do all the school things I need to with the boys, the money is a godsend and being really honest with myself (kinda rare lately) I like working. I like feeling that my contribution is a little more tangible than generic child raising and housework, although I'm the first one to take my hat off to anyone who can do that for 14 years and still have a smile on thier face.....but hey, my cubs are 14 and 9 now and not in need of the same amount of hands on mothering that they did five years ago. Still doesn't stop me feeling zapped though. But that's the pea under the mattress I guess....and I can live with the lumps. I've had years of preactice.

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