Friday, October 17, 2008

Three Day Weekend...

thank God, 'cos it's gonna take at least that long for Kit to plough through his homework and assignments. His mate Renee is coming over today so he's having a homework free evening before getting stuck in tomorrow. Sebi has decided that he no longer wants a high bed, so we're pulling it down and redoing his room so that he'll hopefully have more space, and maybe even want to spend more time in there....he's angling for a TV, but that's not going to happen. I still remember the "no earrings till you're 13" rule that mum imposed on me, and how p*ssed I was when little sister got her ears pierced the SAME DAY as me... at 8 years old!!! Kit had to wait till he was 13 before he got a TV in his room, and Sebi will have to do the same, no matter how miserable the intervening years are for me, lol. He has his I.E.P next week which will set some new goals for him in term 4. My littlest neicette Elly is turning 5 this weekend so hopefully there'll be plenty of fairy pix for me to play with if I ever get a spare five minutes to scrap!! No word from the mother of all mothers, so we assume that she's fine and Ruling Britannia with a firm hand.
Luck hugs xox

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