Sunday, October 26, 2008

Noah's Ark

I'm currently having one of those days which lasts for a week, so I thought I'd share my pain with the universe, 'cos I'm a giving kinda gal. Giving up, that is. I am officially admitting defeat. And I blame the mother of all mothers (i.e. mine). She jets off to the other side of the world and leaves me in charge of the mental health unit of St Francis of Assisi General Hospital. And it's KILLING me....both the dogs have separation anxiety, which means that every time I turn around I fall over them, because they won't let me out of their sight in case I do something cruel and inhumane like catching a plane to the other side of the planet. The cat has found some new and devious way to escape outside, 'cos everytime I smack my head on the window frame after tripping over the dogs, he's sitting in the middle of the back yard making faces at me and daring me to try and catch him. The "other" cat (read as devon rex or hairless walking tumour) is staging a sit in on nanna's bed and everytime I try to move it, it digs its claws in so deep I lift the double bed mattress as well as the cat. And I think I have bulimic rats....I was cleaning out their cage the other day, and they've been stashing their little treats under their water bowl. And I know they exercise when they think nobody's watching....I hear them doing laps, but when I open the door, they're sitting there manically washing their whiskers and looking guilty. I can't cope....where's my wind up mouse????

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