Friday, October 3, 2008

Pick-me-up please.....

I have caved in after a weeks worth of bad nights, and I am EXHAUSTED. Which is woefully bad timing because the GNI crop is tomorrow and I've really been looking forward to it. I think the final nail in my coffin was sitting through Beverly Hills Chihuahua with the boys....I must have powernapped through the good bits (???) and when we hit daylight my head was buzzing. Bruce had the Metroll Golf Day today and came home minus one window in the FGF (read as Funky Green Festiva or second car). I really have to wonder who I narked in a former life....fifty cars in the car park and we get targeted by the only stray golf ball????? Dodgy stuff, fellas.
To complete my day, some guy decided to fight with his girlfriend via his mobile (LOUDLY) on my driveway, and then proceeded to drown his sorrows with a bottle of something toxic before ringing her back (at least 5 times) and threatening to end it all on my recently swept concrete path. After the 5th call I was tempted to go out and offer some suggestions on the quickest quietest way to achieve his aim, but fortunately (for me) he decided to find somewhere a little more private before ringing his ex for the sixth time, and he stumbled off into the sunset....or possibly to be drunk and miserable in someone elses driveway. Works for me.


Mad Scrapper said...

I'd suggest going to bed early and talking Mr Darcy (via DVD) with you! That's what I do! Know what you mean about the Beverly Hills Chihuahua even Kenzie said he was 'bored out of his brain'.

Plant Freak said...

Dang! I thought the hillbillies here were weird. Been there on the insomnia...not fun. I'm sending good sleep wishes your way.

Scrapsister said...

Ooooh I'm with Mad Scrapper. Mr Darcy will do it every time ;)
We have an onslaught of youth descend past our front door every friday night who leave half eaten hotdogs and other assorted nuclear goodies from the service station on our front fence. It's like a little smorgasboard out there if you feel so inclined LOL.
See you at the GNI...yay!


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