Wednesday, October 8, 2008

School and stuff....

Kit is well into his first week at Cav Road, and seems to be settling in fine. The S.E.U. is fantastic, they are always up to speed with what's going on with the kids and their first concern is keeping stress levels at a minimum. Amen to that!!! Kit has gotten to know some of the unit kids and spends his break time playing YUGIOH with them. He's got sport today, and is going bowling and totally can't wait!! He's also into his first round of assignments, but has several tutorial periods a week where he can ask about anything that he doesn't understand. So far so good.
Sebi is into his last term as a third year he'll be in the big school!! His class is going to Underwater World in a couple of weeks, they're studying the ocean this term. I wanted to go as a "parent helper" but Sebi has informed me that if I come the camera has to stay at home. Party Pooper!!!

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