Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So over it !!

Hopefully the next 10 days will see the end of one ongoing battle with the Dept Ed. I haven't finished fighting (not even CLOSE) but I can't have Kit in the front line any longer. The school's medieval attitude towards special needs has made it impossible for Kit to access the tools he needs in order to work alongside the other kids in his class. So, we move on....to another (hopefully) better situation.
Kit has been enrolled at Cavendish Road High School and will start there after the September break. He will be allowed to use his laptop and will access the unit for a percentage of his schooling. He will be sad not to see his close mates every day, but they will still be regular visitors, and he'll make new friends when he starts at his new school. This has been a really hard decision to make, and Kit has had to make some hard adjustments, but we are hoping that this will be the beginning of a much smoother educational journey. It's hard for Kit, because he always seems to do the hard yards to make it easier for the other 'specials' who come after. He did it for seven years at Wishart and the kids who are coming through now are reaping the benefits (including Sebi). I hate that it's been neccessary to change schools, but at least he'll have the rest of this year to get used to things before the new school year in 2009.

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Plant Freak said...

I hope things go well for Kit. I know the stress is awful for everyone when the school situation is not beneficial for your child.


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