Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tanked/ Has anybody seen my downspout??

It's dark, it's cold and it's wet. Fine if you're a scotch and coke, not so fine if you have to photograph the downspout. And no, I haven't been drinking, although I have been tanked, which is why I have to go and photograph the downspout. Yes, Casa Hartwell has officially joined the ranks of the water wise with the installation of a 3000 litre ugly green tumour last week. My house now looks like someone stuck a large snot coloured missile silo under the bathroom window. Which I'm prepared to live with, being as I'm such a planet conscious anti plastic whole grain bread knitter. What I am having issues with is the fact that apart from the whole "ugly" thing (and it is WAY UGLY, believe me) I have to fill out a small forests worth of paper work in order to get the council/government/water commission/ugly tank society rebate. Even that I could cope with, although the part where the tank company takes away all your original invoices and then tells you to get a JP to sign the copies they send you having first sighted the originals that you don't have because the tank company took them (are we dizzy yet??) is kind of annoying. What REALLY ticks me off is the part where you have to photograph the downspout. Why??? Apparantly, to make sure it works. How do you know it's working??
You wait till it rains and then you either levitate or climb a ladder with your camera and wait for something to run out the end of the spout. I think I need to get tanked again. Where's that Scotch???

1 comment:

Renee Dowling said...

Go you water wise warrior!!! Did it fill to the top? Maybe I should get one then the Boys can have out door showers...the 2nd bathroom I always wanted!!


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