Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gone with the wind/Hartwells by the sea.

I have just come inside from kissing the driveway after spending the windiest week in history in a tent at Tallebudgera. The boys (all three) had a great time. They men (and boys) the possibility of being blown into the ocean in the middle of the night is the kind of disaster that fellas recount for decades to come. For the women who have to cook on a primus stove, look after neurotic rats and dry wetsuits while contemplating the same possibility, a week in a 4 star hotel looks better with each passing gust. So I am back....windswept, but not terribly interesting, after 6 nights of pokemon battles and mega violent DVD's. Next time, the boys can drop me at the nearest health spa and defy death without me....I have standards, y'know.

1 comment:

Scrapsister said...

Hi, glad you had a great time! Are you able to come to the Girls Night in?? Maybe Renee?


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