Sunday, September 14, 2008

Counting Down....

the days till we leave on our camping trip...only a week to go!! We are all desperately in need of some "down" time as a family...things have been WAY too hectic this year. This week is all about getting Kit organised with his new school, he had a visit there on Friday and loved's hoping he feels the same after the holidays when he does it on his own!! I have a few queries about books/classes etc, so while I'm getting that sorted Kit will have another visit to the SEU, complete with new uniform and YuGiOh cards. It's also only 3 weeks till mum leaves for England, so time to be thinking about my duty free list!!
Sebi had his soccer break up today, and despite all my previous whining, it was a pretty good day....or as Sebi put it "any day with a trophy is cool"
Can't argue with that.


Mad Scrapper said...

I looked for you today and didn't see you either. Wasn't it a huge amount of people? I don't think I've ever seen that many in all our years there. I left early with the boys and missed Ian getting his award!

Scrapsister said...

Wishing Kit all the best...exactly what he deserves. You are an awesome advocate and trailblazer Kjirsten. Lets hope he is in his element!
PS I have been a member of the scrapchat forum for ages but didn't sign up for the new bit...until today anyway..thanks :)


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