Monday, September 8, 2008

Body Attack/Scream OW!!

I'm typing slowly today because every inch of me is screaming OW!! In a moment of forty-inspired insanity I joined Fitness First, after Renee put my name on a contact list. What I didn't realise is that "Fitness First" is actually short for
"Fitness First after which you wake up the next day and wish you were dead".
Which is precisely what I did this morning after attending the inspirationally named "Body Attack" class with Nay, yesterday afternoon. You just have to LOVE the names they give to the classes....Body Pump, Body Step, Body Jam.....after yesterday's effort, "Body Bag" is more in my league. I was labouring under the delusion that I was in OK shape for a forty year old mother of two. After 25 minutes worth of "Body Attack" I realised that not only was I in really REALLY bad shape for a 250 year old Siberian Mud Mummy, let alone a living human being, but I am also the most uncoordinated individual in the history of forever. Although Nay comes a close second, lol. The two of us made a great pair, hiding in the back row "righting" when everyone else was "lefting" and "upping" while they were "downing". The only bit I managed to get right was the "forward-side-back" bit, which I owe to 20 years of devotion to Tina Turner and Nutbush City Limits.
Tomorrow, I'm donning my floaties for Aqua Aerobics. (and you thought I was scary on dry land.....)


Plant Freak said...

Body Bag-snicker

Scrapsister said...

Double snicker!
What time are you going? There is not much on TV tomorrow LOL
Go girls!!!


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