Friday, September 19, 2008

Be still, my heart....

Boy, it's just my lucky day....DH started his holidays today, so we started getting our camping stuff organised for Sunday. Suddenly, he announces that he has to go out, and he'll be back in an hour....leaving me to do the packing, check the camping stuff, organise the kids, yada yada yada. So after what can only be termed as a "dog hour" (i.e. three times as long as a regular hour), he returns bearing a large box and wearing a big grin. "This is for you, hon" he announces "I got it at BCF" Read BCF as "Boating Camping Fishing" or DH's fave shop apart from Bunnings.
So, it's obviously not anything on my personal wishlist, but hey, there are still possibilities....a nice collapsible sun lounger perhaps??? Suitable for reclining on at the beach while DH and the boys do gross things with maggots and fish heads??
Hmmmm....So I open the box and pull out......a collapsible folding CLOTHES HOIST !!!!
Suitable for hanging clothes on after you've spent half your holiday washing said clothes in the communal laundry. Romance isn't just dead, it's six feet under.

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Plant Freak said...

I scanned some images for you from vintage valentines cards. When you get back email me at


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