Saturday, January 28, 2012

random recap....

well, whatever munched on my candles was obviously just passing through, as FF and I ripped the room apart this morning and found nada.  Although himself did suggest that I not keep blueberry flavoured candles down there as it's just ASKING for uninvited guests.  On the HAPPYHAPPY side of things, only $25 to go till I get my 'puter I figure if I don't feed the kids till Tuesday, it's pretty much a done deal!!
On the CRAPPYCRAPPY side, it's still raining, and doesn't look like it's EVER going to stop.  I miss blue skies:(   I can also feel a quilting obsession beginning to double sided monster patchwork beast has been sulking on top of my wardrobe for 6 months, and it's time to get that baby finished, before I die of old age.  Or the mother of all mothers decides she wants the Husqvarna back.

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