Friday, January 27, 2012

Random 2012

So, here we are....

Both boys are back at school and seems to be coping OK.  Firstborn is doing his 11-12 combination this year, and has pretty much got a handle on things.  Second son is in year 7 complete with "Senior Shirt" and matching attitude.  His teacher is very precise, takes things at a slower pace, wants everything done "just so".  I'm thinking a little "just so" is exactly what himself is needing.  In my first steps out of house/kids/school, I have signed up for some volunteer work at the Mater, there's an information meeting next Thursday, where I find out what to do next.  I'm not really bothered what I volunteer as, just looking to do something vaguely useful.  I don't know if you can tell, but I'm still sharing FF's computer since mine had a nervous breakdown a couple of months back and we haven't had the spare fundage to fix the broken bits.  HOPEFULLY, that is about to change as FF is owed some cash by a work colleague, which will hopefully get us the new microchips or whatever the hell it is, so I can have my dual screens back in operation.  NOT that I will be going anywhere near HBC until my big brave husband finds out what's down there eating my candles!!!!!!    I found a big pile of shaved wax and half a candle on my desk, and my mind just sceamed RODENT!!!!!!! but I refuse to freak out until I know for sure.  And the only way to know for sure is to send my husband down there with something rodent repellant.   I'm absolutely freaking at the idea of something gnawing on my papers (EEEWWWWW) which to be honest, hasn't happened (yet) but the wax candle munching is still creepy.  I'd sell my soul to have a space upstairs instead of downstairs off the laundry, but there's nothing I can do apart from have FF tear the room apart this weekend looking for furry invaders.  GROSS!!!!  I plan on doing something in another suburb while he gets on with it.  I'm also a day behnd in Project 365  due to the computer sharing issues.  Stay tuned for catch up pix sometime tonight.

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