Friday, January 13, 2012

And I was doing so well, dammit.

My first post without a 365 photo.  Not that that means there won't be a photo.  I'm sure there will...probably.  But for now, random shit that I've been thinking about.  Without pictures.  Suck it'll live.
So....I'm nearly all ready for themselves to re-enter the state education system.  although firstborn may be a day late on account of Hungry Jacks are apparantly expecting him to work on the first day of school.  Either that, or, just possibly,  my first day of school is on a totally different day to everyone elses first day of school.  There's a precedent for that.  Ask firstborn.  He was totally non-impressed with my calandar reading skills (or lack thereof).  Anyhoo.  He has longs that need to be de-longed in order to be shorts, because apparantly as well as being on a slant, he has the longest thighbones in the first world, meaning that even the longest of shorts are too short, so we buy longs and deshortenise them.  All clear now??  Good.
Second son (who will quite possibly be going to school on the right, government -issued first day, since he's only 12 and doesn't work at Hungry Jacks 'cos they don't have a salt mine or anywhere else that underage children can slave for a pittance) is almost completely ready.  I just have to find out which day the school is opened before the first day, and pick up his very expensive 'bow down minions, I'm a Senior' shirts.  And buy him some books. And something to write with.  And a lunchbox. And maybe some shoes.  What day is it??

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