Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365 (29) Leaking awesomeness and other stuff......


is the community funded shirt of SUPREME AWESOMENESS that I got from the Vinnies shop next to the post office.  It was on a mannequin in the front window and the lady behind the counter was not really impressed when I burst through the door in raptures and demanded to purchase it.  because she had to dislocate the buff mannequin (and remove his head) in order to retrieve it for me.  
It was $5.50. And she wouldn't take EFTPOS because it wasn't $10 although I would totally have paid $10 for it, but I didn't say that because my dumpster diving pedigree would take a huge smack if people found out that I paid more than the price on the ticket.  God forbid!!
So, I asked the lady behind the counter to babysit the shirt of Supreme Awesomeness while I ran next door to the post office where the mother of all mothers was waiting in line to pay something that she could have paid at home over the internet exept she doesn't trust computers.

ME: OMG, mum there is the most AWESOME shirt next door only they won't take EFTPOS and it's $5.50.

Mother Of All Mothers: (unplugging Ipod) What?

ME:  rabbit rabbit, awesome t shirt, rabbit, $5.50, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Mother Of All Mothers: SIGH. (followed by unzipping her purse and handing me 3 kilos worth of 5c pieces.)

Lady in Queue behind Mother Of All Mothers:  (after watching me trying to count 3 kilos of 5c pieces.)
I think you're short 50c.  Here.  But could you put the shirt on and show me??  I don't think I've ever seen a SUPREMELY AWESOME shirt before.

ME: Wait right here.

So, I got the shirt and I put it on and the lady in the queue agreed that it was SUPREMELY AWESOME and my mother was all "she's on day release and the fresh air does her good", but I didn't care because the shirt and I were deliriously happy and leaking awesome ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

And then we went grocery shopping.  Because apparantly the fresh air does me good.  Thanks Mum xox.

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