Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Return to H.B.C.

Yes, I will admit to being just a little gobsmacked myself!! After little or no time or enthusiasm for scrapping or even photography (!!) I have forced my way back into H.B.C. (Heaving Brothel Central) and scrapped. Two layouts in two days, can you believe it?? So, here we are....this is the shot of the kids at Fingal Head last week during one of the rare fine spells in the evenings. Not the best shot of the layout as it's already in a frame, and I don't do well with glass reflection...but you get the idea.

And one of firstborn and FF....the first shot that officially shows Kit is taller than his dad. You can't actually see it but FF is every so slightly on his toes in this shot, lol. Fifteen and one month, sigh. Mind you, he's been taller than me since he was 12, so I don't know what FF is moaning about, heehee.

We took the boys fishing at Redcliffe this morning with Melissa and Glen and their boys, which ended in some impromtu swimming (sans togs) for the boys, and more photo opportunities for me. Hoping to get some more scrapping done while FF is on holidays this week, as he has PROMISED to install my dual screens so that I can edit without going blind, but I'm not holding my breath. FF's track record in this particular instance is not good, so it's in the "wait and see" pile ATM.
Off to watch "Spirited" before the Tribe come in and kamikazi the remote. Later xo

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